Video Diary of a Lost Girl (2012) Full Movie

Video Diary of a Lost Girl
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Watch Video Diary of a Lost Girl (2012) : Full Movie Online A rock and roll horror fantasy where we meet the immortal Louise and her beloved Charlie. Unfortunately, due to Louise's supernatural origins, every man she sleeps with must die! Charlie was Louise's first love from the 1920's, who she accidentally killed before realizing what she is: a descendant of Lilith, the mother of all demons! This race of women must feed on the souls of men once every full moon, or else they will menstruate to death. Now a hundred years later, Charlie returns reincarnated, and Louise must struggle with staying away from the love of her life, or risk losing him a second time! PMS has never been this deadly!

Title Video Diary of a Lost Girl
Release Date Jun 01, 2012
Genres , , ,
Production Company
Production Countries
Casts Priscilla McEver, Casey Puccini, Chris Shields, Erica Gressman
Plot Keywords reincarnation, supernatural,
Priscilla McEver
Casey Puccini
Chris Shields
Erica Gressman
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